Project Description

UX design


Francesco Lorenzi is the frontman of an Italian christian rock band. He had a personal blog where he would write about his experiences and personal thoughts. His management company needed to revamp his blog to give it a new look and feel in order to tie it to the branding of the band.


I studied the moodborad, branding and colors of the band’s main website with the aim of creating a blog that would share the same style guide, while feeling unique and separated from the main website. From the first glance, users had to be able to tell the blog from the website and understand the information architecture.


I leveraged a hero image to convey the same emotions as the main website, while introducing the blog element above the fold in order to make the distinction very clear from the very beginning. A posts carousel tie together the hero part with the rest of content acting as a transition element.

The Result

blog francesco lorenzi
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