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y name is Susanna Marsiglia. I’m a SEO consultant, UX designer and content manager based in Zurich, with 6+ years of experience in SEO, inbound marketing, user experience design and digital strategies.

I started working as a content writer in 2013 and slowly but surely fell in love with the art of SEO, which I learned through courses, books, work experience and side projects. My passion for SEO eventually led me to UX, since I found myself giving more and more UX recommendations in my audits.

I attended a UX professional course in 2019. That’s when I discovered the deep connection between SEO and UX, and started developing the concept of Search Experience Design.

After working in-house for 5 years, serving agencies, B2B and B2C companies (and picking up freelancing gigs on the side), I decided to become a full-time consultant.

I love having the opportunity to build custom solutions for my clients’ businesses, as well as working on my personal projects. This kind of flexibility allows me to keep learning and continuously nurture my skills.

Susanna Marsiglia

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My Certifications

I am certified by Google, HubSpot, SEMRush and Conductor, market leading companies in the fields of search and inbound marketing.

I take great pride in continuing education, and commit to constantly keep myself up-to-date through courses, bootcamps, conferences and certification programs. You can find more details about my certifications and education on my LinkedIn profile.

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